Wednesday, 29 February 2012
Good news for all you guys following along with tutocity for the last few years, we plan on doing up the site and getting things all running again. First step will include a complete revamp of the sites design, next step we will start to create more tutorials including stage 2 of our famous 'Web Design Journal' tutorial where we will teach you how to turn the design into a fully working xhtml website!

Step 7: Now we are going to add the menu items. Select the text tool and copy the font settings below.

Now type in your menu like I have in the image below. You can also change the color of one of the menu items like I have to show what page of the website you are currently on. Lower the layer opacity to about 50%

Step 8: Now we are going to create the footer. Duplicate the "MenuBg" layer and call it "FooterBg" Move the "FooterBg" layer so that it is placed just below your image. Then hit Ctrl+T to enter free transform mode. Stretch out the "FooterBg" layer untill it is the same width as your "Border" layer. Should look something like mine below.

Now double click on the "FooterBg" layer in the layers pallete to open up the layer style window. Copy the settings below. Remember to set the angle to 0

Now add your footer text ontop of the "FooterBg" layer, I just used the same settings that we used for the menu items but with no antialiasing.

Finished result: Click on the image to see it in full size.

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Name: Flash Website
Type: Flash
Description: In this tutorial we will show you the basics of creating a flash based website with minimal code.
Finished Preview: